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In Death & Resurection

Hey everyone, Long time no update! I suppose it’s been a while and this site still gets views from time to time. With that said let me fill you in on what has happened the last few years. This isn’t so much a justification for what has happened to Canadian Otaku, just more of a […]

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Anime North 2013 AMV

Hey guy’s, it’s been a while since I posted something to the site. I’ve been kept busy by things like graduating College (yay!), vacationing to Cuba, and preparing for Anime North. I’ll post a more comprehensive review of the con later in the week but in short, it was a fantastic weekend. One of the […]

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So the spring anime season is finally upon us and thank god for that, because the last season was pretty terra-bad in my opinion. Rather than doom and gloom over why last season was so awful, I’m going to follow Yamashita’s path, and review an anime from the previous seasons that I really enjoyed. In fact, […]

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Fairy Tail 326

Chapter 326 marks yet another first time moment for Fairy Tail. I said two weeks ago that when your characters are borderline immortal, there is no tension to be found in their conflicts. 324 threw all that out the window, and 326 continues this trend in wonderful fashion by having Natsu loose brutally to Rogue. […]

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Bleach – 532

This week’s chapter of Bleach has taught me two things. Number one: never screw with Ichigo’s mother. After a sweet kill like that, it’s hard to believe she will inevitably die to a much weaker hollow, the Grand Fisher; me thinks the writers will have some explaining to do here. And number two is that […]

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Cross over Series: DBZ – One Piece – Toriko

So today’s article was inspired by an update I caught from Anime News Network a few days ago on my Twitter feed. The update was talking about an upcoming special due to air this Sunday, which will feature a crossover storyline, staring characters from Dragon Ball Z, One Piece, and Toriko. You can check out […]

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Fairy Tail 325

So much for keeping up a set schedule, but I was bed ridden all day yesterday by the worst stomach virus imaginable, thanks to what I can only assume was under cooked Wendy’s. But after a day of throwing up all my food, and nearly 12+ hours of sleep, everything seems back in order. For now at […]

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Gundam Seed in 1080p!

Hey Everyone! so continuing on my anime spree, I just recently got my hands on the Gundam Seed Remastered edition. Pretty much the creators re-did the entire series in glorious 1080p. The series also has been enhanced in the animation and details ( thank god ). So with the screen shots that will be in this post the images […]

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Bleach – 531

After a two-week hiatus, Bleach comes back swinging, as 531 was focused mostly on Isshin’s fight against this mysterious foe. It’s interesting to see what Isshin is thinking while fighting against this Hollow; the fact that he was surprised by it using a cero makes me think that at this point in time, the Gotei […]

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Hakkenden: Eight dogs of the East

What’s up everyone Yamashita here bringing you another anime article these articles are anime that i am currently watching and I’m trying to get all the Winter Anime out of the way just before the Spring Anime Start. Speaking of which look forward to my review of Hyakka Ryouran Samurai Girls review since it is […]

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